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Welcome to Phantom Core!
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About the guild

Guild Name: Phantom Core [CORE]
Server: Borlis Pass
Leader: Lilacx
Deputy Leader: Hymnosi

Phantom Core is a guild that is focused on WvW and PvE. We do regular WvW guild runs and all the Dungeons in the game.
We are always pushing to improve our strategies and finding efficient ways to clear dungeons.
We have a commander, ventrilo server, and a website, and we hold unique guild events.
We seek to establish a community within the guild and within the server as well.
We are recruiting active players who are willing to improve and who are willing to help build this community!

About the leader

I am surprised you even bother reading this, but warmest welcomes to you. I consider myself a semi-hardcore player but I also believe in the community within games. In my humble opinion, a good game attracts its players but they will only stay if there is a community for them to thrive in. That is the direction I am headed when I made this guild. I want to build an active community within and outside of the guild, I lead in the name of service and the pursuit of excellence. I seek to build an environment where people can enjoy more than just the game and I also try to push everyone towards progress and mastery. Please do not confuse this with a world of kisses and roses, what I envision is a community that is alive, and it needs all sorts of people. Helpful, mean, saints and trolls, as long as they are willing to contribute and are willing to belong to this community. I welcome any form of feedback if it helps me improve from guests and guildies alike. Hope to see you in game.
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